We’ve come a long way since I started blogging in 2006

Hello dear readers!  I’m still here, but I’ve been prioritizing paid work and time with my family over blogging for fun, so there’s a bit of dust on the old blog.  But all is well, and we’re in need of an update around here.  I hope 2015 is off to a good start for all […]

Credit: A long term, worthwhile game to play

The following is a post from Sam Peters, with lots of (purple!) commentary from yours truly.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of credit cards.  We only use cash to pay the local farmer who sells us eggs, and for the occasional garage sale.  Everything else […]

Our new-to-us sectional and a homemade plyo box

second hand Ashley sectional

For the last few years, I’ve contemplated getting new living room furniture.  But there was nothing wrong with the furniture we already had, so I wasn’t in any hurry.  We don’t have a means of transporting furniture, and I didn’t want to invest a whole bunch of money in a replacement for something that didn’t […]

Implementing a “Your Money or Your Life” wall chart

Greetings from my dusty little corner of the internet!  Apologies for the blogging hiatus – it’s been a busy summer.  Work has kept me on my toes, and there’s been plenty of fun that needed to be had with our littles.  My husband’s family was here for a couple weeks as well… great to see […]

Our yard and garden – five year update

Backyard before

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of moving into our house and getting our dog back (best day ever!)  This place has certainly come a long way in half a decade.  We finished the basement, which has been a huge improvement.  And the yard has gone from being a field of weeds to being a place […]

Should we prioritize our taxable savings over our retirement accounts?

My husband and I have always been big fans of retirement accounts.  We both opened 401(k) accounts when we started our first corporate jobs in our early 20s.  When we left those jobs to become self-employed, we rolled the funds over to IRAs.  But we had a period of about 18 months when we didn’t contribute […]

Giving our boys the world

Zulily wall mural

We’re not usually procrastinators when it comes to projects, but this one took a while.  Back in January, I ordered a world map wall mural when it was on sale on Zulily (normally $100, I got it for $40).  And then it just sat in its box for five months.  We had never hung wallpaper […]

Kids need a Lego umbrella? Show them how to make one!

tracing can to use as template

Our older son loves Lego.  He’ll play with it for hours, and he’s usually creating things he dreams up himself.  But he also enjoys following Lego instructions, and he adores a book that he received for his birthday, full of instructions for creating all sorts of landmark buildings using Lego.  Some of the structures require […]

I cut my own hair!


And I really like how it turned out For years, my husband has been cutting his own hair.  Most of the time, he just shaves it all the way off using the closest setting on the clippers, and then waits a few months and does it again.  Sometimes I’ll give him a snazzy haircut that […]

Cosmetic home improvement – making a list and waiting a few years

Some friends of ours are remodeling their kitchen this spring, and I know that the end result is going to look amazing.  I was flipping through the kitchen catalog with them when they were looking for ideas, and all of the kitchens are pretty great.  I had to stop and remind myself that our kitchen […]