An Amazing Sale On Kelp Noodles And All Sorts Of Other Great Food

Last year, we switched from regular whole-grain pasta to kelp noodles, and we love the change.  Kelp noodles have almost no calories (I think 6 per serving, or something ridiculous like that), and they absorb the flavor of whatever sauce you put on them (no fishy taste at all).  We like an Asian style sauce with lots of ginger and tamari and miso, and we sautee lots of veggies and tempeh to throw in the mix too.  It comes together quickly and the kelp noodles are a perfect substitute for wheat pasta.  One of the drawbacks to kelp noodles is that they are more expensive than wheat pasta.  I search for sales online (I can’t find them anywhere local) and stock up when I find a good deal.

This morning, I found a deal that was so good I just ordered 15 pounds of kelp noodles.  Thought I’d share with you guys in case any of you want to give them a try but are put off by the higher prices.  The Raw Food World has them on sale for $6.07 for a three pack (each pack is one pound).  This is about a third of what they normally cost, and about half of what I usually pay when I find them on sale around the web.

If you go to The Raw Food World website, just click on the “at cost specials” link at the top of the left sidebar.  There are all sorts of other great deals there too.  I stocked up on coconut flour and Ormus Greens, and also ordered some lucuma powder and mesquite powder – I’ve wanted to try those for a long time, but couldn’t justify the price.  Since they’re on sale right now and since I’ve been doing much better with our overall grocery bill lately, I decided to give them a try.

The link here is my affiliate link, so if you order something from their store, I do make a small referral commission.  It doesn’t change the price you pay though.  And the deals right now are too good to not share.  If you’re interested in specialty health foods, particularly the ones that you can’t always find at your local store, I highly recommend that you check out The Raw Food World.  I order stuff from them every month or so, although I make a point to only order from the “at cost specials” link – I don’t browse around in the regular price section, because I don’t want to be tempted to buy full price items.

If you try the kelp noodles, let me know what you think – and if you come up with a great recipe that uses them, be sure to share that too!

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    • Frugal Babe says

      Bummer – looks like they sold out already! :-(  When I bought mine yesterday, they only had a few hundred packs left at that price, and now they aren’t showing up at all anymore.  I figured that deal would go fast, just didn’t know quite how fast.  I love the Ormus Greens.  They’re expensive (although the deal on Raw Food World right now is by far the lowest I’ve ever seen), but a little goes a long way.  I’m still working on a bag I opened the first week in January, and I probably still have half the bag left.  I mix a teaspoon of it in with my protein after my workout.  For a green powder, I think it has a very mild, pleasant taste (mostly because of the mint).  I also add it to mint-flavored smoothies, since it already has a slightly minty taste.

    • Frugal Babe says

      You can just store them in the pantry.  As long as the bag stays sealed, they will keep for several months.  Once you open the bag, you have to store leftovers in the fridge, in water or whatever sauce you put over them if you already mixed them into a recipe – just something to keep them from drying out.  Each bag usually lasts us for two meals.

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