Awesome Recycled Artwork

I just came across a blog post that has me wishing that I still lived just around the corner from a big thrift store.  I rarely go browsing around the thrift store anymore.  In an effort to keep from cluttering up our house, these days I try to just stop at the donation door, drop stuff off, and keep going!  But I think I’m going to have to go in and check out the artwork next time I’m in town.  Check this out.  And this one.  I’m feeling very inspired.  The big Goodwill where I shop has half price day every other Saturday, and I will definitely be on the lookout for giant artwork.  I know that large frames are very expensive if purchased new, as are canvases.  If I come across a piece with a decent frame (or even a large wrapped canvas that doesn’t need a frame), I’ll bring it home and see what our son can do with a few jars of paint and a brush.  Have any of you done anything like this?  If you have a blog where you posted pictures, please include a link in the comments so that we can see your finished product and get even more inspired!

Cooler weather is here and our son has outgrown all of his long pants from last winter – so it’s time for a trip to Goodwill anyway.  Now I just have an extra reason to go.

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  1. says

    My dad has done this! He uses the frames to do team-building art work (he’s a conference minister, so he “manages” a lot of ministers, in that he is a support person and an organizer but not a boss). He buys whatever is cheap and on sale at the thrift store, because he loves thrift stores, and he goes to town painting over for a blank slate. Then, participants might collage something on there, or put together a huge puzzle, etc. Since it’s cheap, he can leave it there if they like the result.

    Thanks for the good reminder. We have a big space above our fireplace that requires some big art. This would be perfect. Maybe I can double up and do something wedding-worthy that we can then hang.

  2. Jaime B says

    These are great! When I bought my house I wanted to fill it with artwork since I have these great vaulted ceilings and plenty of wall space to showcase stuff. Unfortunately, I’m a total procrastinator and even “cheap” mass-produced art reproductions are quite beyond my budget for filling my walls. I will definitely be checking out thrift shops for pieces I can repurpose. Thanks!

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