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In continuing my quest to find things that are both frugal and ecologically sound, I wanted to highlight a few recent posts that caught my eye.

I love this post from Nature Mom’s Blog about helping kids see past commercialism.  Obviously it’s easier on your budget if you’re not buying the latest gizmos for your kids at every turn.  And since excessive consumption is leading our planet to a not-so-good place, cutting down on commercialism should be a goal for every family trying to lead an eco-friendly life.  I’m loving Tiffany’s blog in general – and she’s a fellow cloth diapering momma (check out the adorable pic of her daughter in a diaper she made!).

Your Finish Rich Plan has a post about which saves more money – handwashing or the dishwasher?  I gotta say – I love my dishwasher.  We remodeled our kitchen this spring, and got a new (to us) dishwasher from CraigsList.  The one we had before was 25 years old, and had seen better days.  We put pretty much everything through the dishwasher – if it won’t go in the dishwasher, I gave it away.  We wait and only run the dishwasher when it’s all the way full, and we always buy eco-friendly soap.  And we skip the heat dry cycle.  So I guess we’re doing ok.

Money and Values has a great post about carpooling, with lots of resources for new carpoolers to get started and even get financial incentives.  Talk about being green and good for your wallet at the same time!!

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