Carnival of Personal Finance #147

The Carnival of Personal Finance is up at MoneyNing.   Lots of great articles to inspire us all.   I really liked MoneyNing’s own post about owning a home – I am firmly in the “owning a house is good” camp.   The caveat is that you have to own a house you can afford.   If you’re spending 60% of your income on your mortgage, the house you “own” is probably causing more stress than enjoyment.   Our mortgage/taxes/insurance comes to about 25% of our income and fits perfectly into our life.   And as our incomes rise over the years, our mortgage will stay the same.   And we pay extra on it every month, so we’ll be mortgage-free by the time we’re about 40.   Works for me.

Get Financially Fit has a great, detailed article about how to pay off your mortgage in half the scheduled time.   I’m all about this, so I loved this article.  

Saving Advice has an article about how easy it is to get into bad money habits.   A good reminder to stay on track!

Happy Monday, and enjoy the carnival!

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