Clutterfree with Kids


A few weeks ago, I received an advance copy of Joshua Becker’s new book, Clutterfree with Kids. The book went on sale last week (and quickly became the #1 self-help book on Amazon – congratulations Joshua!), so you may have already heard of it or read it. But if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend […]

Thrifted Craft Supply Storage


Several years ago, when I was very into scrapbooking (ie, before I had kids!), I found this little organizer at a garage sale for a few dollars I brought it home and filled almost all the drawers with all my little crafty doo-dads, and all was well. But as time went by, I started paring […]

Cull Lumber Transformed Into Shelves


Our basement is thiiiiiis close to being finished. Just a few more nooks and crannies to touch up with paint. But for all practical purposes, it’s done and we’ve moved in down there. We’re loving having a gym and a playroom, and we had our first overnight guests in the downstairs guest room last week, […]

A Quick And Free Pantry Overhaul


I’ve been getting lots of inspiration from organizing blogs lately. Two of my favorites are I heart organizing and organizing made fun. And there are eleventy-billion others out there if you’re in search of organization inspiration. Reading organizing blogs inspired me to finally do something about our kitchen and bathroom drawers, and I’m loving the […]

Simplifying For Fall – Taming Drawers


Are any of you following along with the Simplifying For Fall Challenge? I’ve been doing some of it, but mostly tackling areas that were particularly bad and in need of attention. I’m constantly de-cluttering kids’ toys and clothes, so those areas didn’t need much. This is our younger son’s closet for example, which I haven’t […]

My Simple Cleaning Schedule

I love getting rid of clutter.  I love the look of flat surfaces with nothing on them.  I even sort of enjoy cleaning.  I’ve never enjoyed cleaning bathrooms, but the rest of it isn’t bad at all.  I love the productive feeling I get when things are nice and clean – even though it lasts […]

Buying And Storing Things For The Future

I’ve spent a lot of time getting rid of clutter over the past couple years.  We no longer have storage corners filled with who-knows-what.  We’ve got a solid routine established of getting rid of stuff any time new things come into the house, which is working well.  And as soon as our younger son outgrows […]

Give New Life To Empty Glass Jars


Several years ago, I got rid of nearly all of my plastic food storage containers. I have several pyrex dishes with lids and lidded casserole dishes that I use to store large quantities of leftovers. But most of the time, I use empty glass jars. My freezer is full of repurposed glass jars holding things […]

Kitchen Decluttering


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I’ve done a lot of decluttering over the past couple years. I’ve taken numerous carloads of stuff to Goodwill, and have (except for last month when I was on a mission to find stuff for our son’s play kitchen) mostly stopped going in […]

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