Our yard and garden – five year update

Backyard before

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of moving into our house and getting our dog back (best day ever!)  This place has certainly come a long way in half a decade.  We finished the basement, which has been a huge improvement.  And the yard has gone from being a field of weeds to being a place […]

Our little grill is just fine


I hope all my northern hemisphere readers are having a great spring! Summer is trying its best to get here, and that makes us think about grilling. So I have to tell you about our grill: Here she is on the inside: You can see how big she is in relation to the little propane […]

Garden + Dry Beans + Solar Oven = Bliss


Our garden is producing all sorts of lovely stuff right now.  Like carrots.  We have a lot of carrots.  Yesterday I made a big batch of hummus using chick peas that I cooked in our solar oven.  I paired them with carrots from our garden, and it was a wonderful, simple lunch. I did cut […]

Garden Update


One of my Facebook friends asked recently if I’d do a garden update post soon, and it was a good reminder (thanks Megen!). I went out and took some pictures this morning, but I was strategic in what I photographed. That means you’re going to see only the good parts of the garden. Not the […]

Progress On Our Projects And Some Good Links

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Our was spent working on the rough wiring in our basement, with a lot of help from my parents.  I have a circuit map that I’ve been drawing onto a blank floor plan, adding x’s and o’s for all the outlets and lights.  The whole basement map […]

A New Look And Some Great Links

My little blog got a facelift today, thanks to my awesome husband.  It was time for a change, and I love the clean new look.  Both the boys are in bed and my husband is down in his basement office working late tonight, so I’ve had some time to just browse around online.  Well, and […]

The Harvesting Continues


This morning has been all about preserving garden goodies. I started out with tomatoes. I’ve been roasting and freezing them lately so that I can make roasted tomato soup this winter. I harvested a huge tub of beautiful tomatoes. Then I washed them, sliced them in half lengthwise, and laid them in glass baking dishes. […]

Pumpkin Spice Cubes


For the last several weeks, I’ve been spending some time every few days preserving our garden harvest. I’ve canned a few batches of tomato sauce, and this afternoon I’ll be roasting tomatoes to store in the freezer so that I can make this amazing soup during the winter when fresh tomatoes are scarce. I’ve also […]

Fitting Children Into A Life We Love

I got the following email from Connie in response to my post asking you what you wanted me to write about: It feels like many of the decisions you have made came about as a result of both your values and preparing yourselves and your home for children. How might your decisions have changed if […]

Garden Progress

We’ve spent all of our free time over the last week working in our garden, and we’ve got nearly everything planted.  We had a dumptruck full of compost delivered, so we spent last weekend with our shovels and wheelbarrow, mixing compost into all of our beds.  We did the same thing last year, and I […]

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