Our New Gym And Some Homemade Equipment


We have a couple of new pieces of gym equipment that my husband made recently, and they were far less expensive than buying ready-made stuff. So I’m sharing details and pictures in case you feel like doing the same thing. First, he made a calf-raise platform out of scrap lumber that we had left over […]

Our Homemade Pull Up Bar


When it comes to body weight exercises, it’s hard to beat pull ups. Unless a person has a very strong upper body and/or does pull ups regularly, it can be tough to do even one good one. But, as with anything else, practice makes perfect – we can all get strong enough to do pull […]

Ten Bucks For A New Carpet Cleaner


The main level of our house has a lot of oatmeal-colored carpet. It’s in our bedrooms, hallway and living room. It wouldn’t be my first choice – I prefer hard floors that can be mopped – but it’s what was there when we bought the house, and it’s only five years old, so it’s not […]

Homemade Mouthwash


I promised a post about the mouthwash I made last week, so here it is! This was one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done. For years, we’ve been buying fancy (ie, expensive) mouth wash with all natural ingredients (no dyes, artificial flavors, etc.), and we’ve been quite happy with them; we also use food-grade […]

Healthy Living ebook Update And More Secondhand Made Easy


I’m glad you guys have been enjoying the amazing healthy living ebook sale this week (here’s the link where you can get the whole package for $29).  I’ve been browsing around on the Redmond clay, Earthpaste, and Real Salt sites, and I’m excited about the $21 worth of free gifts from those companies.  Such an […]

Healthy Living eBook Sale – The Best I’ve Ever Seen!


I haven’t been this excited about an ebook bundle in a very long time.  This one is so awesome, and it’s a perfect fit for my blog.  It’s all about healthy living, which is one of my favorite topics.  You get 34 healthy living ebooks for $29! (valued at over $300 if you bought them all […]

Freezer To Crockpot Cooking


A couple weeks ago, I wrote about how I had finally caved in an visited Pinterest, and wasn’t sure if it was going to be awesome or a total time sink. I’ve since found that it cuts way down on the number of tabs I have open in my browser at any one time. Instead […]

More Improvised Exercise Equipment


Remember when I told you about the walker I started using as a dip station for my Bodyrock workouts?  Well, I have another inexpensive, DIY piece of workout equipment to share with you. They use sandbags as weights on Bodyrock all the time.  The one they use sells for about $100.  Of course there was […]

Small Steps To Create A Great Year

Aim High!

Happy New Year!  I hope that 2012 got off to a good start for you.  I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions, simply because the date seems so arbitrary.  I prefer to make changes throughout the year as I think of them, and January 1 is no different from any other day in that […]

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