Our yard and garden – five year update

Backyard before

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of moving into our house and getting our dog back (best day ever!)  This place has certainly come a long way in half a decade.  We finished the basement, which has been a huge improvement.  And the yard has gone from being a field of weeds to being a place […]

Giving our boys the world

Zulily wall mural

We’re not usually procrastinators when it comes to projects, but this one took a while.  Back in January, I ordered a world map wall mural when it was on sale on Zulily (normally $100, I got it for $40).  And then it just sat in its box for five months.  We had never hung wallpaper […]

Cosmetic home improvement – making a list and waiting a few years

Some friends of ours are remodeling their kitchen this spring, and I know that the end result is going to look amazing.  I was flipping through the kitchen catalog with them when they were looking for ideas, and all of the kitchens are pretty great.  I had to stop and remind myself that our kitchen […]

Our New Washing Machine


Five years ago, when we bought our house, we got a great deal on a second hand washing machine. That machine served us well ever since, but it started to fritz out a couple months ago. It wasn’t spinning the clothes out, and would sometimes just stop in the middle of a cycle. We live […]

$20 Window Well Makeover


When we moved into our house, the basement was completely unfinished, and that included the window wells. We spent a year and a half finishing the basement, but we never did anything about the window wells. For the past six months, “window wells” has been on our “to-figure-out” list, but we weren’t sure what we […]

Towel Racks On A Budget


When we were putting the finishing touches on the new bathroom in our basement, I knew that we needed somewhere to hang towels that were currently in use, as well as a place to store additional towels, since that is now our guest bathroom.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted in that room, so […]

A Kid-Size Coat Rack


Last summer I turned an empty wall in the hall between our kitchen and our garage into saucepan storage, and I still love that system. It’s easy to find exactly what we need, and the cupboard that we used to use for all of our pots and pans now only has my two big soup […]

Window Coverings On A Shoestring


Last summer, we put a window in our dining room, for free. Last week, I put a curtain on it – a project that cost us a total of $10. We love how it all turned out, and I thought I’d share the details. Until we put in that window, our house only had two […]

A Frugal Curtain


Last night I made a curtain to go between our downstairs bathroom and the under-stairs storage area behind it.  The whole thing cost about three dollars, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. This is an old sheet (leftover from when I bought fabric to make diapers for our first son five years […]

Simplifying For Fall – Taming Drawers


Are any of you following along with the Simplifying For Fall Challenge? I’ve been doing some of it, but mostly tackling areas that were particularly bad and in need of attention. I’m constantly de-cluttering kids’ toys and clothes, so those areas didn’t need much. This is our younger son’s closet for example, which I haven’t […]

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