Living Without A Dryer

When I asked recently for reader feedback in terms of what you wanted me to write about, one reader asked for a post about drying laundry in the winter without a dryer.  We’ve been in our current house (sans dryer) for more than two years now, and the last year we lived in our old […]

Fun In The Sun – No Burns Allowed

Continuing on the grapeseed oil moisturizer theme, let’s talk about sunscreen.  I have mostly Irish ancestry, with blue eyes and fair skin that freckles (and burns) easily.  The up-side of being a burner instead of a tanner is that I learned very early in life that baking myself in the sun wasn’t a good idea. […]

My New Favorite Moisturizer

Several years ago, I went through all of my personal care products and tossed nearly everything.  Anything with parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, sodium laureth sulfate, etc.  I kept just a few items, and it’s made my daily routine much simpler too.  Not to mention the fact that the air quality in our bathroom is […]

Non-toxic Oven Cleaner

Confession time:  We’ve lived in our current house for nearly 20 months, and until today, I had never cleaned the oven.  I use the oven maybe 3 or 4 times a month, and the bottom of it was looking pretty grubby.  Cleaning the oven is not particularly high on my list of things to do, […]

A Big Boy Bed


When our son was born, we bought an organic crib mattress for him. He slept in our bed for a few months, and still comes in from time to time to sleep with us during the night, but most of the time he sleeps on his crib mattress. Last year, we got a wooden toddler […]

End Of Our First Garden Season

Yesterday, we harvested the last of our garden.  We’ve had a beautiful, warm fall so far, and were able to put off the final harvest quite a bit later than we’ll usually be able to.  We got our homemade cold frames situated over the beds of greens last week, and they’ll keep producing throughout most […]

Simplify Your Beauty Routine To Save Money And Go Green

The following is a guest post from Mrs. Money of the Ultimate Money Blog.  Mrs. Money and I have a lot in common, and our beauty routines are pretty similar too.  When I was pregnant with our son, I purged everything from our bathroom that contained suspect ingredients.  Lotions, nail polishes, hair products, fake tanners… […]

Harvesting In Full Swing

For years, roasted veggies has been a favorite fall and winter food for us.  But we’ve never had the experience of roasting vegetables we grew ourselves, until now.  I found this recipe for a great roasted veggie marinade and wanted to try it with the day’s harvest.  Our son helped me in the garden, and […]

Saturday’s Harvest


Everyday lately we’ve been harvesting a good chunk of our food from our backyard. I’ve noticed that our grocery bill is less than half of our usual total, and the cart looks pretty empty when we get to the checkout stand. Here are a couple of pictures that show most of what we harvested yesterday: […]

The Story Of Cosmetics

I just finished watching Annie Leonard’s new video, The Story of Cosmetics.  It is well worth the few minutes it takes to watch it, and the message it contains needs to be heard by all of us. I’ve been on a mission to get rid of toxic crud in our home for several years now, which […]