I finally made my own sunscreen!


And I’m pretty darn excited about it I’ve been reading posts on other blogs about making sunscreen (this one was really helpful), and I decided to make my own. I now have this lovely little jar of whipped sunscreen in the fridge: Storing it in the fridge keeps it nice and fresh, but it also […]

Our New Washing Machine


Five years ago, when we bought our house, we got a great deal on a second hand washing machine. That machine served us well ever since, but it started to fritz out a couple months ago. It wasn’t spinning the clothes out, and would sometimes just stop in the middle of a cycle. We live […]

Decluttering Made Easy – Enter To Win A Subscription!

For the last few years, I’ve been writing about getting rid of clutter and our efforts to have “just enough” stuff.  It’s an ongoing process, because clutter always seems to make its way back in.  But we’ve got a pretty good habit of “out with the old, in with the new” (secondhand new, of course!) […]

A Frugal Curtain


Last night I made a curtain to go between our downstairs bathroom and the under-stairs storage area behind it.  The whole thing cost about three dollars, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. This is an old sheet (leftover from when I bought fabric to make diapers for our first son five years […]

Healthy Living eBook Sale – The Best I’ve Ever Seen!


I haven’t been this excited about an ebook bundle in a very long time.  This one is so awesome, and it’s a perfect fit for my blog.  It’s all about healthy living, which is one of my favorite topics.  You get 34 healthy living ebooks for $29! (valued at over $300 if you bought them all […]

Made My First Cough Syrup


Have you all discovered Frugally Sustainable yet? I had browsed around over there off and on in the past, but I’ve started reading more posts lately and loving it. If you subscribe to the blog, you get a free copy of Andrea’s e-book “Herbal Rescue: Your Guide To Creating A Homemade Herbal First Aid Kit” […]

Another Free E-book! 321 Stop Is Free Through August 30th.

Lorilee Lippincott of Loving Simple Living is offering her new e-book – 321 Stop – for free until tomorrow night.  You can go here and then click on the “buy now” link and it will take you to the Amazon page where you’ll be able to download the book for free.  I just got my […]

A Free Organizing E-Book (only through August 29th!)

I love a good organizing book and/or blog.  There’s something about reading a book or website all about organizing and decluttering that lights a fire under me to get up and organize or declutter an area that is needing attention.  Anyone else?  I know there are plenty of you who love those books and blogs […]

Progress On Our Projects And Some Good Links

I hope you all had a great weekend!  Our was spent working on the rough wiring in our basement, with a lot of help from my parents.  I have a circuit map that I’ve been drawing onto a blank floor plan, adding x’s and o’s for all the outlets and lights.  The whole basement map […]

Freezer-To-Crockpot e-Cookbook – aka Kitchen Magic!

Remember a few months ago when I wrote about the brilliant idea of freezer-to-crockpot cooking that I discovered thanks to Stephanie at Mama And Baby Love?  It’s become a mainstay in my kitchen, and I can’t imagine not having bags of crockpot-ready food in the freezer.  Every few weeks I prep several bags of our […]

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