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Our New Ten Dollar Cell Phone Plan

February 1, 2013

About a month ago, we lowered our cell phone bill from $50/month to $10/month, ended up with a much better phone, and still get the same amount of phone service that we’ve always had.  I’m thrilled with the new plan, and want to share the story with you all in case any of you are […]

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Ten Bucks For A New Carpet Cleaner

January 10, 2013

The main level of our house has a lot of oatmeal-colored carpet.  It’s in our bedrooms, hallway and living room.  It wouldn’t be my first choice – I prefer hard floors that can be mopped – but it’s what was there when we bought the house, and it’s only five years old, so it’s not […]

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Never Shop Online Without Looking For Coupons

September 30, 2010

It’s rare for me to shop online (or anywhere else for that matter – I am not a shopper!) but it does happen.  And I’ve learned that it’s always worth the extra 30 seconds or so to search for a coupon before I click on the buy button.  Last week, I had to order checks. […]

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We’re All Responsible For The Oil Spill

June 26, 2010

I subscribe by email to my favorite blogs, and this morning, right beside each other in my inbox, were articles from two of my favorite bloggers, Everett Bogue and Tammy Strobel, both writing about essentially the same thing: we all have a moral obligation to drive less.  Both articles are excellent, and well worth reading. […]

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Frugal Choices For Your Eyes

October 28, 2008

I was talking to a friend a few days ago, and she mentioned that she was worried about possibly losing her job, as there has been talk about her office closing.  She and her husband have always made more money that we do.  They live in a $600,000 house, and drive a new Prius and […]

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Trading Baby Clothes For Food

June 10, 2008

Last week we got a box of baby stuff from a friend who lives in another state.   She loves to shop, and had bought us several baby boy things from Target.   Mostly clothes, which we have oodles of already.   We’ve gotten more hand-me-downs than our baby will ever need.   He’s going […]

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A Budget Knee Surgery Week

January 30, 2008

My husband had his knee surgery on Monday, and it went far better than we had hoped.   They didn’t have to do as much to his knee as we had thought they would, and it’s looking like the recovery process is going to be a lot faster and easier too.   The surgeon is […]

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A Super-Frugal Scrapbook Nook

November 18, 2007

Ever since we remodeled our living room  and added an extra office in January, I’ve been lucky enough to have an office/craft room to myself.   But once the baby is born, my office will become a nursery.   So I’ll be back to sharing my office with our guest room, which I’ve done before, […]

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Keeping My Car Happy

May 20, 2007

My trusty Honda Civic has 211,000 miles on it, and I decided it was time she got a tune up.   My dad loves to work on cars, and I was asking him questions about it when he offered to help me with the project.   Sweet!   Last weekend, I went to my parents’ […]

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

May 18, 2007

Today a lady came into the library wearing a huge diamond on her finger.   The engagement/wedding band set took up all the room from her palm to her first knuckle – I am not kidding.   The wedding band was covered with diamonds, and the rock on the engagement ring was probably 4 or […]

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The Cheapest Health Care Ever

May 14, 2007

Yesterday I came home from the library to find my husband lying on the living room floor with his leg up on the ottoman and an icepack on his knee.   He had been unicycling in a rocky drainage area near our house (a favorite pastime for him), when he fell just the wrong way […]

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Our Xeriscaping Project

May 6, 2007

We spent all day yesterday working in our front yard.   We used to have mostly grass with a small perennial garden.   Now it’s the other way around.   We have a little peninsula of grass wrapping around from the side yard – the rest is mulch and hardy perennial bushes and plants.   […]

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I Got My Ring!

May 2, 2007

Yay!   My new  ring arrived yesterday!   We were both very excited when the DHL guy showed up.   The box was huge – they padded it well.   The actual presentation of the ring was great.   They had a white box tied with ribbon, and inside it were two smaller boxes, also […]

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The Lady of the Rings – Part Two

April 15, 2007

We ordered my new engagement ring last night.   It’s slightly different than the first one I had picked out – we both like the 4 prong setting better than 6.   It cost $231 – and they have free shipping, so that’s it – $231.   The guarantees that they provide sound just about […]

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A Full Freezer

December 11, 2006

Yesterday I spent about 5 hours cooking.   It was off and on, and I was able to do other stuff during the “simmer” parts of the process.   It wasn’t strenuous by any means.   But now our freezer is stocked:  a spinach lasagna, spaghetti pie, baked ziti,  lentil curry, chili, red clam sauce, […]

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Recycling Isn’t Just About Cans

December 8, 2006

Last night I was working at the library, and talking with some of my friends there about a book I’m currently reading.   It’s called Not Buying It – My Year Without Shopping.   I waited on the hold list at the library for over two months for this one, as it seems to be […]

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Our Free Weekend

November 23, 2006

We didn’t spend any money last weekend.   It wasn’t something we tried to do, and we didn’t even realize it until Monday.    Several years ago, when we were both working for a big company, we would often spend $200 in an average weekend.   We worked very long hours during the week, so […]

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Cheap Food

November 19, 2006

I sat down to write about my favorite cheap food, and ended up reading all sorts of other pf blogs.   Before I knew it, I’d been clicking from one to another for well over an hour.   Wow, time flies when I’m reading lots of stuff from people who think like I do.   […]

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Back to Normal

November 11, 2006

We got home from Hawaii a couple days ago, and we’re getting back to normal.   Overall, we did a pretty good job at being frugal on vacation.   We had a few dinners out, and took a trip to the Big Island, but we didn’t buy a lot of junk, and we stayed within […]

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Surfin’ Hawaii Without Breakin’ the Bank

November 2, 2006

For weeks before our Hawaii trip, J was excited to learn to surf.   I honestly think he would be thrilled to just spend the entire vacation on the same stretch of beach, and eat nothing but peanut butter sandwiches and surf.   He’s been doing some sightseeing aswell, but I think it’s only for […]

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Stories from a Moonlighting Library Assistant

October 16, 2006

In the fall of 2004, we found out that J needed a replacement for the bridge that makes up his front teeth.   He’s had a bridge since a mountain biking accident in college, and after 10 years, part of it was giving out.   He’s a trooper, and tried to make the old one […]

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Why We Eloped

October 15, 2006

When my husband and I had been together about two years, we bought the house we live in now.  the day we moved in, he proposed to me in front of our new fireplace.  We were both floating on clouds that day.  I was smiling so much I felt like my face would crack, and […]

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A Long Walk

October 14, 2006

For the past week,  J and I had been planning a trip to Applebees on Friday night.   We had a coupon for $5 off a dinner there, and it’s one of J’s favorite restaurants.   We  hardly ever go out to eat, so when we do, it’s cause for celebration around here.   Applebees […]

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