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Our little grill is just fine

April 29, 2014

I hope all my northern hemisphere readers are having a great spring!  Summer is trying its best to get here, and that makes us think about grilling.  So I have to tell you about our grill: Here she is on the inside: You can see how big she is in relation to the little propane […]

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Thrifted Clothes Can Be Trendy Too

January 17, 2014

This winter, I’ve really gotten into the boots/skirt/leggings trend.  I’m a few years behind on this one, but that’s ok.  A few months ago, I found these great Teva boots at Goodwill for ten dollars: They’re as comfy as tennis shoes, but much cuter.  And the price was hard to beat. I also came across […]

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Biking, Walking, Running… They’re Not Just Exercise and Entertainment, They’re Transportation Too!

November 20, 2013

Good morning!  For the last three months, I’ve had to become a morning person again, after five plus years of getting up at 8am.  Our son has to leave for school by 7:40, which means we need to be up by 6:40 in order to get breakfast cooked and eaten, teeth brushed, and have him […]

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Updates From Our Frugal Abode

September 23, 2013

Good morning!  Long time, no blog – I know.  It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here for the past several weeks, but I haven’t forgotten my little corner of the internet here. Our son has been in kindergarten for a month now, and he loves it.  I don’t love the 6:40am wake-up, but […]

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Let’s Make One Instead!

July 25, 2013

Our older son really loves Playmobil.  We got a small set at a thrift store a few years ago, and then a larger box at a garage sale a few months later.  Then some friends with a son who had outgrown his Playmobil gave us several sets.  Our son often plays for hours at a […]

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It’s Still Clutter, Even If It’s A Great Bargain

July 21, 2013

A few months ago, I was at Goodwill and I noticed a nice red leather bag.  It was larger than the purses I normally use – more like the size of a laptop bag.  And although I didn’t recognize the brand name, I could tell that it was a very well-made bag.  It was made […]

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Back To School With Garage Sales And Thrift Stores

July 5, 2013

School starts on August 20th, and although I’m still wondering where the last five years went, I’ve got pretty much everything we need as far as school clothes.  We’ll have to do some supply shopping once we get the list from our son’s teacher, but that should be a pretty quick trip for things like […]

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Shoes My Way, Plus A Giveaway!

June 17, 2013

When it comes to secondhand shopping, patience is key.  I’ve found over the years that I can get just about anything secondhand, if I’m not in a hurry.  So I try to make sure that no shopping trip is ever an emergency.  For the most part, this is pretty easy to do with a combination […]

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Going Out On The Town, Goodwill-Style

May 15, 2013

My husband and I are going to a fancy work reception next week.  I looked through my closet and realized that the only even slightly dressy shoes I owned were a pair of flat sandals, and they pretty casual-looking.  I am not a fan of heels, because I like to be able to walk without […]

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Frugal Wall Art With Engineering Prints

May 8, 2013

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to blow up some photos for our walls.  I had ordered some poster-size enlargements a few years ago for our living room, and although we love how they look, they definitely weren’t cheap.  This time around, I went looking for a way to get some personalized wall […]

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Towel Racks On A Budget

April 15, 2013

When we were putting the finishing touches on the new bathroom in our basement, I knew that we needed somewhere to hang towels that were currently in use, as well as a place to store additional towels, since that is now our guest bathroom.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted in that room, so […]

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Thrifted Craft Supply Storage

March 29, 2013

Several years ago, when I was very into scrapbooking (ie, before I had kids!), I found this little organizer at a garage sale for a few dollars I brought it home and filled almost all the drawers with all my little crafty doo-dads, and all was well. But as time went by, I started paring […]

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Thrifted LEGO Storage And An Update On Our Cell Phone Plan

March 13, 2013

When we moved our boys’ toys downstairs to our new playroom, we tried to make sure that everything was organized, easy to find, and easy to put away.  Our older son loves LEGO, and can spend hours building all sort of stuff with it.  His collection is a combination of gifts from Grandma and stuff […]

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Our Refurbished Two Dollar Night Stand

March 4, 2013

This week’s Bundle of the Week will be perfect for my readers – it’s all about frugality!  Five ebooks for $7.40.  Here’s what you get this week: Become a Frugali$ta in 30 Days by Susan Heid Your Grocery Budget Toolbox by Anne Simpson Advanced Penny Pinching by Tabitha Philen From Debtor to Better by Barry […]

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Thrift Store Decor

December 28, 2012

My Twitter friend Maria asked if anyone had pictures of thrift store décor finds that they’d like to share.  Since virtually everything in our house came from Goodwill, I went around and snapped a few pictures.  Then I thought they’d make a good blog post too, so here you go… our thrift store décor! I […]

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Our Repurposed Secondhand Toy Fridge

December 15, 2012

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably remember last year’s felt food project.  A year later, our son still loves the play kitchen and felt food (and has become an excellent helper in the real kitchen too), and his little brother is starting to really enjoy it as well.  That food […]

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A Frugal Curtain

November 17, 2012

Last night I made a curtain to go between our downstairs bathroom and the under-stairs storage area behind it.  The whole thing cost about three dollars, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. This is an old sheet (leftover from when I bought fabric to make diapers for our first son five years […]

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Healthy Living ebook Update And More Secondhand Made Easy

November 2, 2012

I’m glad you guys have been enjoying the amazing healthy living ebook sale this week (here’s the link where you can get the whole package for $29).  I’ve been browsing around on the Redmond clay, Earthpaste, and Real Salt sites, and I’m excited about the $21 worth of free gifts from those companies.  Such an […]

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Curbing Impulse Spending

October 26, 2012

Happy Friday!  I have another post inspired by Kate, and I’d love to hear from the rest of you on this topic as well.  It’s one that is the downfall of many a budget:  impulse spending.  Here’s what Kate writes: I need to leave my debit card at home. I go out for one thing […]

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Secondhand Made Easy

October 25, 2012

On my recent post about the $200 jeans I bought for my husband at Goodwill for six dollars, I got a really good comment from a reader who wondered something that I’m sure a lot of the rest of you do too.  Mustangsabby wrote: Do you ever get tired of rooting and searching for good […]

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Living Large With Secondhand Goods

October 24, 2012

My husband’s jeans had gotten a bit threadbare lately, and we’re heading into winter.  So I looked through the rack at Goodwill last week to see if I could find him a new pair. I found these after about two minutes of searching: They’re 7 For All Mankind, in perfect condition. And I paid six […]

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Gift Giving That’s Gentle On Your Budget

September 17, 2012

The Life Your Way peeps have started their 101 days of Christmas series.  We’re still wearing shorts and tank tops and running around barefoot here, so Christmas is the last thing on my mind.  But if you’re one of those people who plans all year for Christmas, you’re probably well into preparations for this holiday […]

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Our Six Dollar Balance Bike

June 3, 2012

Our son loves to ride his bike.  He’s been riding a bike for over a year now, with training wheels.  He does a great job pedaling, and usually rides so fast that I have to jog to keep up with him.  But he definitely relies on the training wheels for balance. We had heard of […]

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A DIY Bike Cargo Area

March 29, 2012

My husband recently spruced up his bike to make it easier to carry stuff, and I thought I’d share his cool DIY design.  In the past, he always used a backpack to haul stuff on his bike, or he put stuff in next to our son if he was hauling the kid-trailer.  But now he […]

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Starting On Our Basement

January 20, 2011

We’ve been in our home for more than a year and a half now, and have finally decided to tackle the basement.  We kept going back and forth on whether we wanted to put money into the basement now, or wait until we have the mortgage paid off.  Eventually we decided that it would be […]

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Does My Credit Card Issuer Care That All My Clothes Come From Goodwill?

November 10, 2010

This article is a year old, but I just came across it today and thought it was worth sharing.  It’s hard to know how much this sort of thing was really going on at credit card companies, and how much the credit card reform laws have changed things.  But I find it particularly interesting that […]

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Focused Thrift Store Shopping

October 19, 2010

Last week, the wallet that I’ve had for years finally gave out.  The zipper that holds it shut broke, and my options were to either get a new wallet, or to start holding my wallet shut with a rubber band.  I opted for a new wallet.  So for the first time since last spring, I […]

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No More Clothes This Year

July 2, 2010

Don’t worry… I will still be wearing clothes!  They will just come from my closet rather than the thrift store. Last week when I went to town, my husband asked me to see if I could find a pair of overalls and a flannel shirt at a thrift store to dress a scarecrow he’s welding. […]

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Smart Thrifting And A Good Harvest

June 12, 2010

I just got back from running a bunch of errands in town, and I’m feeling very good about my thrift store shopping excursion.  I had a whole carload of stuff to drop off, which I’ve been doing quite a lot lately.  This was the first time I had gone inside the store in about six […]

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My Six Favorite Ways To Keep Expenses To A Minimum

May 10, 2010

I believe that for most people, cutting expenses is the most important key to reaching financial goals as quickly as possible.  Basically, the idea is to make the difference between what you earn and what you spend as large as possible in order to put the difference towards your goals (paying off debt, buying a […]

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A Great Thrift Store Find

March 16, 2010

On Sunday, I headed to a couple of my favorite thrift stores.  I was looking for a carpet steamer, which I didn’t find (there’s always next time – I know I’ll find one soon).  But I did find one of these.  For six dollars.  We had been on the lookout for a new keyboard for […]

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Mini Living Room Makeover

March 12, 2010

A couple months ago, my husband’s aunt got new living room furniture and offered us her old stuff.  It was 10 or 15 years old, but we liked it better than our own mis-matched pieces, so we happily accepted.  We now have a couch, chair, loveseat, and footrest – all matching! What didn’t match was […]

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My Latest Goodwill Finds

February 4, 2010

Last month, I decided to see how long I could go without grocery shopping, just by using up the stuff I already had on hand in our cupboards and freezer.  I hadn’t been stockpiling anything and we didn’t have a huge amount of food stored, but it was 15 days between shopping trips, as opposed […]

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Opposing Views On Frugality

January 28, 2010

Apparently I’m a bit behind on reading personal finance blogs, because I just came across a couple of articles from February of last year.  They’re old, but make some great points and are very interesting reads.  Trent at The Simple Dollar wrote an article about how a media interviewer called him a cheapskate.  And then […]

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Thrifted Christmas Inspiration

November 20, 2009

Pretty much everything in our house was used when we got it – even our dog and cat.  But I haven’t ever taken the time to photograph and catalog most of the great deals we’ve gotten over the years.  So I’m quite impressed with the Thrifty Chicks for their latest project – an album of […]

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No Impact Man

November 19, 2009

For a couple years now, I’ve had Colin Beavan’s blog – No Impact Man – on my blogroll.  His site is both interesting and inspiring, and I’ve always enjoyed it.  I  just finished reading his new book (also titled No Impact Man), and highly recommend it.  The focus of the book is on Colin and […]

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What Would We Do Without Second Hand Stuff?

October 27, 2009

I noticed a couple weeks ago that our son was starting to ourgrow most of his hand-me-down shoes.  His toes have gotten to the end of his size 5s, so I knew it was time for a trip to the thrift store.  I decided to get him two pairs of size 6 shoes, as I […]

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Keeping Clutter Out

October 19, 2009

At our old house, there were two thrift stores within a 15 minute walk; now the closest thrift store is ten miles away.  I’ve mentioned that we very rarely go thrifting anymore, which has been helpful in my mission to purge the house of clutter.  These days, I only go to the thrift stores if […]

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Kitchen Decluttering

October 11, 2009

I don’t particularly like cleaning.  I love to cook, do laundry, work in the garden… but cleaning is pretty far down on my list.  But I love living in a clean house, and having lots of wide open, clean space around me.  And therein lies the conundrum.  Lately I’ve been on a mission to purge […]

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Keeping Track Of Our Spending

September 14, 2009

Recently I got an email from a long-time reader, asking me if we still keep track of our monthly expenses.  I guess the answer is both yes and no.  We do pay close attention to what we are spending, and I check our bank balances and credit card transactions on a daily basis.  But we […]

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