My HandyWoman Skills

We have a tiny bathroom attached to our bedroom.   Outside of the shower, sink, and toilet, it’s got about 12 sq feet of  floor space.   Pretty tight quarters, but we’re glad we have it (some models in our neighborhood have a walk-in closet in that space, and we’d much rather have the second […]

Clothes to Wear to a Wedding

Since we’re already going to be paying a big chunk of money for my husband’s outfit  at his cousin’s wedding, I wanted to keep my clothing costs to a minimum while still looking good enough to walk around with  my tuxedoed man.   We went to a couple of my favorite thrift stores over the […]

Company Dinner

My in-laws are visiting us this week – they arrived today, and they’ll be here through next Tuesday.   I get on really well with them, and I’m excited that they’re here.   This morning I got up early and went to the grocery store for lasagna ingredients.   I already had noodles in the […]

Our Xeriscaping Project

We spent all day yesterday working in our front yard.   We used to have mostly grass with a small perennial garden.   Now it’s the other way around.   We have a little peninsula of grass wrapping around from the side yard – the rest is mulch and hardy perennial bushes and plants.   […]

Padding the Nest Egg With Interest on Payroll Taxes

When we Incorporated our business last year, we decided to use a payroll service.   We used Payroll1 for the first three months of this year, and they were great.   They took care of everything, got our checks to us right on time, handled all the reports, and sent our quarterly tax payment to […]

What to Do When You Forgot to Read Directions

When we installed our new storm door recently, we threw away a few strips of plastic that were left over after we had everything in place.   It looked like they were meant to go on another door (the instructions were for several different doors), and we pitched them with the packaging.   Bummer.   […]

Our DIY Storm Door

We live near a wonderful Habitat for Humanity thrift store.   They sell all the usual thrift store stuff, but they also have a home improvement section, with appliances, windows, doors, lights, plumbing fixtures, etc.   In January, they had a bunch of storm doors, still in their original packaging.   I’m not sure if […]

natural lotion and body scrub

In addition to being frugal, another hobby of  ours is  being as toxin- and  chemical-free as possible.   We eat almost exclusively organic food, we use non-toxic laundry soap and dishwasher soap, we use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash, we use lavender oil, orange oil, vinegar, water, and baking soda to clean, we installed a […]

Where we keep our money

J and I have all of our bank accounts with one big name bank.   We have a checking account, a home equity line of credit (the second mortgage we needed in order to qualify for the loan on our house), a credit card, a business checking account, and a business savings account.   I’m […]

More Christmas non-shopping

Last year, we went to New Zealand in October to visit friends. We had just bought our first digital camera, and J spent lots of time testing the various features for taking close-up pictures. His subjects were generally flowers and plants, which seem to bloom with very little effort all over NZ. When we got […]