You Can Avoid The News And Still Be A Good Citizen Of The World

Last December, I stopped reading the news.  (I did the same thing a few years ago, but ended up going back to reading the news after a few months – this time, I’ve been much better at sticking to it).  For the last ten months, I’ve focused on news that’s related to healthcare reform (my […]

Updates From Our Frugal Abode


Good morning!  Long time, no blog – I know.  It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here for the past several weeks, but I haven’t forgotten my little corner of the internet here. Our son has been in kindergarten for a month now, and he loves it.  I don’t love the 6:40am wake-up, but […]

Starting A Business With $100 – Resources To Help You Do It

Over the last couple years, I’ve participated in getting the word out about Only72 sales (they last for 72 hours – hence the name) run by Adam Baker and Karol Gadja.  There have been a few other similar sales in that time (like the one about simplifying your family life earlier this month), but Baker […]

3 Day 90% Off Sale To Help You Launch Or Grow Your Online Business

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how we started our business and what we’ve learned over nearly a decade of self-employment.  I wrote the post in response to numerous questions from readers over the years, and I know that self-employment – especially businesses that allow you to work from home (or wherever […]

How To Start Blogging

It’s been more than five years since I created  Over the years I’ve had lots of readers who have mentioned that they’d love to set up their own blog but are unsure of the best path to take.  I’m very fortunate to have a husband who loves web technology and has been my answer […]

Earning An Extra $500 A Month As A Stay At Home Parent

When I asked for reader feedback on what you wanted me to write about, I got this comment from Kaytee: Any tips on being a basically SAHP (my husband will be a SAHD once our baby is born) but also earning a little income on the side? To have a reasonable chance of surviving on […]

How We Established Our Own Business

In my post asking what you’d like to see me write about, two readers asked me to address the specifics of how my husband and I set up our home-based business, and I’ve also had numerous emails about this subject over the years.  So I’m going to lay out the basics of what we did, […]

Can You Make Money With A Blog?

Well, yes, you can… there are lots of bloggers who do just that, and some who have even been able to quit their day jobs to focus on blogging full time (or part time!).  But there are many more bloggers who make very little or no money from blogging.  Some prefer it that way, and […]

Reducing Our Dependence On Cars

People are often amazed that my husband and I have cars that are 20 years old and still going strong. Yes we’ve been lucky to have reliable vehicles, and we’ve also stayed on top of basic maintenance. But the real key is that we don’t drive much. We bought my car from its original owner […]

Bye Bye Wells Fargo!

Back in January, we decided that we needed a new bank.  We have finally checked that task off of our to-do list – better late than never I suppose.  Around the time we became frustrated with Wells Fargo, we also decided to sell our house, which meant several months of sprucing things up and going […]

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