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Just came across a blog that I already love – Barton Family Values. Thanks to the guest post on Lynnae’s blog, I have found a new blog to read! Michelle has a beautiful baby girl who is just a few weeks older than our little boy, so I know we have a lot in common right now! She’s breastfeeding, using cloth diapers, etc. And check out this belly band that she and her mom made. Very cool. If I ever have a next time, I think I’ll do that too. It goes right along with the cloth diapers and nursing pads that my mom and I made.

I also found a post on Nature Mom’s Blog about The Creative Family, which I thought was great, and very appropriate timing since school’s out for the summer now. I think our little guy might still be a tad bit too young for the soy crayons, but I’m filing that away for future use! I think it’s a great idea to have all sorts of crafting, make believe, dress up, and creative play stuff around the house. My family has pictures of all of us when we were little, sitting on the kitchen floor with the entire contents of the pots and pans cupboard all around us – and of course at least one pot being used as a hat. It’s amazing what sort of creative play little kids can come up with if you supply them with the right environment. You don’t have to spend big bucks either – cardboard boxes from Costco can become boats or train cars… and sheets draped over furniture can become “Bunny houses” (always a favorite around our house when I was a child). It’s just a matter of not being too bothered by a few messes, and encouraging creative play. Think of all the money you can save if your kids spend the afternoon making collages out of scraps of old paper and building a “fort” out of couch cushions, instead of watching 700 commercials on TV and then convincing you to take them to the mall to go shopping for whatever was on the commercials.

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    I remember those days too… and the pictures of me and my sisters playing dress-up. The best memory is when my parents got my nephew some expensive toy for x-mas and he spent have the day playing with the box it came in. Kids minds are so much more expansive and open when not influenced by advertising, peer presure and pop culture. Though I don’t have kids, I’m one cool God Mother.

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    Her belly band is really neat, it definitely does look like she’s layering, which is something I love to do with my clothes.

    I remember once, when I was maybe 5 or 6, taking every single toy I had and spreading them across the floor of my playroom. I felt the need to make a toy carpet, apparently!

    My brother and I once took all the sheets in the house and tied them together all over his room to make a fort we could crawl around under. I even remember saying something about using it as a place to take a “siesta.” I must have just learned that word because I thought it was really cool, lol.

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