Diaper Extenders to Keep Tiny Shirts Clean and Dry

I was just browsing through Zulily, and saw a great idea for people with babies.  I especially like the fact that it looks like it would be pretty easy to make it yourself if you wanted to.   If you go to the main sale page, just scroll down until you come to the Melzy Baby & More section.  Check out the diaper extenders and blowout protectors!  Great idea, huh?  Zulily has them on sale for the next two days for $8.50 each, but it definitely looks like a pretty simple do-it-yourself project too, especially if you’re someone who’s already made diapers for your little ones.  When we made diapers a few years ago, I bought the biggest fleece sweatshirts I could find at the thrift store and used them as fabric.  For diaper extenders and blowout protectors, you could use some leftover cozy fleece and just sandwich a layer of waterproof fabric between a couple layers of the fleece.  Size it to wrap around your baby with some room for overlap so that it will grow with your little one.  Add a good strip of velcro where the ends overlap, and you’re done!

Our little ones are past the stage of needing diaper extenders.  Our two-year-old still wears a diaper at night, but that’s it (he’s been dry the last two nights in a row, and runs to find his potty when he first wakes up, so maybe diapers in general will be behind us soon… after five and a half years of washing diapers, I could live with that!)  But we had lots and lots of wet onesies, pants and shirts when our babies were small.  If I had thought of diaper extenders five years ago, I definitely would have made a few and added them to our diaper stash.

If you follow this link to Zulily, I think you’ll have to enter your email address, but that’s it.  Then you can scroll through the sales they have right now and see pictures of the diaper extenders – when you see them, it will be easy to vizualize how you could make them yourself.  (That link to Zulily is also my referral credit link, so if you click through that one and ever do decide you want to buy them instead, I get a credit added to my Zulily account – so thanks for using my link if you do want to browse around over there!)

Have a great weekend!

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