Festival of Frugality #120

The 120th Festival of Frugality is up at a Penny Saved.   Lots of good stuff here.   I enjoyed the post about the $300 prom challenge  from Money Changes Things  – I remember my proms (was that really 15 years ago?!) and how much I wished at the time that my family weren’t so frugal.   Looking back, I know that the whole thing turned out just fine, and was yet another frugal lesson learned.  

There’s also a great post from Free Geekery with tons of free stuff you can get online – something for everyone here.  

And reasons to be frugal that go beyond just saving money  from Saving Advice.   Something to think about, and lots of things that reaffirm our frugal choices.  

One of my favorites is from Not the Jet Set about cloth diapers – I already wrote a post about this one earlier today, but it deserves another mention.  

Thanks to Penny Saved for hosting!!

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