Free Wall Mirrors (Craigs List Is Awesome)

Sometime later this year we’d like to start finishing our basement.  For now, it’s just a huge storage area, but we have big plans for it.  Our first financial priority this year is our HSA and our IRAs, but after that, we’re planning to start putting some money into the basement.  We’d like to use as much recycled, reclaimed, and salvaged material as we can for the project.  There are two Habitat for Humanity ReStores in the area, as well as at least two other construction material yards that sell salvaged materials.  In addition, I’ve been watching the free section on Craigs List.

Tonight, I hit the jackpot.

One of our plans for the basement is a workout room.  For now, my husband and I both do our workouts in our bedroom, and our weights are stored under our bed.  It works, but since we have all that space downstairs, a workout room makes sense.  One of the things I wanted for it was big mirrors, as we both feel that mirrors help us maintain our form when we exercise.  But mirrors – especially big ones – are not cheap.  Tonight I found a free listing on Craigs List for two wall mirrors; each one is 3 feet by 8 feet.  I have no idea how much those would cost if we were to buy them new, but I’m sure the price tag would give me shivers.  Happily, all we have to do to get these is drive ten miles into town.  I was the first response the lady had, so they’re ours.

For the last few days, I’ve kept the local Craigs List free page open as a tab on my computer, and I just refresh it every few hours.  As long as you can resist a whole lot of stuff that you might like but don’t really need (since that equals clutter!), it’s a great way to find awesome deals as soon as they get listed.

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    If you wait a little while you will see all sorts of exercise equipment starting to appear on craigslist. People always think that they will start exercising in the new year and by April, May they are so disappointed with themselves if they haven’t they can’t stand looking at the equipment any more.This is especially true if they have had the equipment for more than 2 years. If you do a little research now you might be able to recognize some great deals when they come up!

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    It’s amazing how much stuff people have in their basements/garages that is going unused. Sure, Craigslist is great for posting and finding things you need, but you have to stop by multiple times a day to see when new things are posted, and if you’re looking for something in your neighborhood (Opposed to across the city) you won’t find out till you ask. not only lets you post your stuff to lend/rent to your friends and neighbors, but you can also post wish lists and get notified when somebody near you posts what you are looking for!

    Somebody actually had wall mirrors near me recently (Though since I am in Canada, I don’t think that commute would have been much help LOL).

    Anyway, BorrowMe is a small step towards reducing consumption, recouping investments on big ticket items (How many on your block need to own a pressure washer?), and gifting our unneeded items so that others can make good use of them.

    Get a few people together and start a sharing group! (Maybe the office, maybe your neighbors). It’s amazing how much you can save when you look around!

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    Cool score!
    I went and looked at the listings for near me. My favorite weird thing was the “Incontinence Supplies,” but I did spot some nice slate facing rocks that I sent my husband. Thanks for the nudge to look!

  4. tarrod dobbins says

    yes my name is tarrod dobbins me and my wife is opening up our first buisness and to get started we are looking for some nice barber wall mirriors for our barber stations we are currently from massachusetts (hadley)and the location of the my barbershop is in sunderland mass and we are almost ready to get started hope to hear from you real soon for any info please contact us at 413 461 1168

  5. Bathroom Mirrors says

    I think you have a good planning to use that space. We’d like to use as much recycled, reclaimed, and salvaged material as we can for the project.

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