IRA Contributions

I’ve been working on our taxes for the last few weeks, and I’m just about finished.   But I haven’t filed yet, because I’m still trying to decide what to do with our IRAs for 2006.   We didn’t max out our contributions in 2006, so we still have an opportunity to put in money before April 16th.   I used our TaxAct online software to see what would happen if we contribute more for 2006.   If we put $400 extra in each account, it would increase our total tax refund by $200.   That’s a pretty good deal.     Now, I just have to figure out where to get the $800.   I had planned on paying off our credit card in full next month.   Maybe I’ll put $800 in the IRAs instead, and wait until April to pay off the credit card.   By then, we should have our tax refund.   It won’t be huge, but it should be about $600.   I had been thinking about paying off more on our Discover Card, but we only pay about 63 cents  a month in interest on that card (zero percent interest, as long as we make one purchase per month).   So I think we’ll just keep paying $100 or so each month on the Discover Card, and put  the money in our IRAs to get the tax refund.   And this year, we’ll try to max our our IRAs so that we don’t have to ponder the issue next spring.  

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