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My parents and sister just spent another weekend at our house, working on our kitchen. The five of us have spent the last two weekends working on it, and it’s coming along amazingly quickly. This weekend we got the new (to us) dishwasher installed, and counter top installed around half the room. We also got all the cabinets in place, and they look great. They came from three different thrift stores and were a bit mis-matched, but you’d never know it now. My husband sanded one that was a darker color than the rest, and my parents trimmed the bottoms off some that were different heights – they all line up like toy soldiers now. My sister spent most of the day building an absolutely beautiful set of shelves in the area between where two cabinets meet in a corner. We’re feeling very loved and lucky here in the Frugal Babe household.

It’s looking like we’ll finish this whole kitchen remodel for about $3000 – $3500. The end result will be a kitchen about double the size of what we had before, with more than twice the counter space and lots of extra cabinets and storage. And a new floor, sink, faucet, dishwasher, microwave, and stove. By getting the cabinets and appliances used, and by choosing laminate counters instead of granite, we’re keeping the overall spending to a fraction of what it would otherwise be.

We put $2100 on the Home Depot credit card that we got when we started this project. Other than that, we’ve paid as we went along for all the other stuff that we’ve needed. We’ll pay off the HD card within the 12 month zero-interest period, so we won’t be paying any finance charges for this kitchen. We’re both so excited about this project, and it’s fun to see it coming together so well. It’s definitely feeling like money well spent.

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    We are remodeling our kitchen too, taking the DIY route as well. Sounds like we are doing alot of the same projects. WE documented a few of them on our website. Our total cost is about $1000 right now, but we still have to do work on the cabinets.

    Anyways, good to see some other frugal DIY out there.

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