My Thursday Round-Up and Random Thoughts

It’s been a crazy week here at the Frugal Babe house.   My husband is doing really well with his recovery, but he’s still pretty limited in terms of activity, since he’s in an immobile leg brace and attached to an ice machine most of the day.   He’s been putting in tons of hours at work – it helps that he works from home at a computer.   I’ve been trying to pick up all the loose ends, and it’s reminded me of how well we share chores normally.   Because with him out of commission, I feel like I need a clone of myself just to get the basics done.   We took a little break tonight and went out to dinner ($26 including tip), partly because it’s almost time for a grocery run and we don’t have much food around here right now, and partly because we were both too tired to cook.   We don’t do that very often, but it was fun to go on a little date together.  

I’ve made up all the hours I missed last week at work, so I didn’t have to take any vacation time at all for the four days we were out of town.   Whew – glad to be back to a normal schedule next week!

I’ve been keeping up with reading the blogs in my feed reader, even though I haven’t written much myself this week.   I discovered a new blog, working for financial freedom – Erin has paid off almost 33 grand in debt in 10 months.   Wow!   Very impressive!

Mrs. Micah is celebrating 6 months of blogging – congrats!   Here’s to many more good months to come.

Rocket Finance has put together a very comprehensive article about the current mortgage situation and renting vs. buying a home.   Lots of links in there so that you can see all the other pf bloggers’ thoughts on the subject.   We’re still following our plan to increase our additional principal payments by $10 each month – for February we paid $140 extra, next month it will be $150.   Increasing the check by $10 each month has been pretty easy, and although it’s still not a huge amount of money, it’s  making a dent.   By the end of the year the additional amount we’re paying will have passed $200/month, but since we’re increasing it slowly, we don’t really miss the money.

Krystal is settling in at her new job (and she might just convince her employers to become eco-friendly in the process!) Congrats, and I hope it goes well!

PaidTwice has paid off the Citicard… balance = $0.   That’s awesome!    Wiping out debts  is like checking off the ultimate to-do list.   Nicely done.

My Dollar Plan has a very complete post about staying home with kids versus going back to work.   With our baby arriving in about three months,  this is something that I’ve been pondering a lot.   In my case, staying at home would involve going back to working at our insurance agency.   I would be a part-time mom and a part-time insurance agent.   I still work there now, but only about 10 – 15 hours a week, since I currently work 32 hours a week at the library.   My library job pays about $21,000/year, so it’s not exactly big bucks, but I do enjoy it.   My husband and I were just discussing the financial ins and outs of the whole thing at dinner tonight.   Our business has been busier than ever lately, and there would be enough work to keep me busy at least 30 hours a week.   I could probably increase our business income by $10,000 if I weren’t working at the library.   And I could be a sub at the library to bring in a few thousand more.   What to do?   Who knows – I’ve got three months to figure it out!  

I get a day off from the library tomorrow because I’m working on Saturday.   We have a prenatal visit in the morning, then a physical therapy  appointment for my husband at noon, and then a meeting with an insurance client in the afternoon.   Looks like a busy day off!  

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    Thanks for the good wishes!! :)

    Depending on your library job, I think that working the insurance and subbing there sounds pretty good. Do you get library time off when the baby gets here?

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