Some Great Posts I Found This Weekend

In between working on our floors and cleaning up all the construction mess in our house, I had time to do some reading from my blog roll.   Here are some great posts I found – inspiring, educational, and fun to read:

Melissa from A Penny Closer is going back to school.   I’m always impressed with the recipes she shares (and the photographs of the ingredients look like something from a cooking show), and it sounds like culinary school is a perfect direction for her.  

NCN has written a great post about getting the whole family involved in financial decisions.   If just one person in the family is the ‘money person’ and everyone else is just doing their own thing, there’s bound to be friction.   My husband and I are very much on the same page with our financial goals, and we plan to raise our child to be in the loop as well.   Money will not be a taboo subject around here.

Frugal Upstate is having a birthday, and she’s got a link to the Coldstone Creamery Birthday Club – free ice cream! – on her blog.   I just signed us up, since I love that place, but only go there about once a year since it’s so pricey (and since ice cream on a regular basis probably isn’t the best idea…).   Happy Birthday Jenn!

Free Money Finance is having a March Madness contest, and it’s down to the final two.   The remaining posts are from two of my favorite blogs, Paid Twice and Being Frugal  – it’s a tough call…  But head over to FMF and cast your vote.   You might just win a $50 gift card in the process!

Remember the Bizarros?   Basil and Bianca wrote one of the funniest pf blogs last year,  but stopped in the fall because they just had too much going on  (working 20 hours a day to pay off debt).   After many months of silence, there is now a post saying that they have paid off their debt.   It’s got all of Basil’s trademark humor and intensity, and I was thrilled to read about their success (although it did get posted on April 1… I hope you’re not fooling us all, Basil)   Now their sidebar has a big fat zero in the debt section and a $10,000 savings goal.   Hopefully they’ll entertain us along the way towards building up the ten grand – should be a little less stressful than paying down debt.

Mrs. Micah has written about how middle class is not a bad place to be at all.   I’m very much with her there.   I really don’t need much more money than we make right now.   I want my husband and I to be able to raise our child and still maintain the life we have now, which might require a bit more income, but not much.   We’re very happy with our life, and I think that counts for a lot.   I know I’ve read somewhere that once you get past a certain point ($50k rings a bell – somewhere in the middle class anyway), higher income does not produce greater happiness.   And I’d rather work less, have less money, and more time to enjoy it.  

Have a great Sunday!

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    $50,000 sounds about right. Up to about $40,000 causes a strong increase in happiness. The curve then drops off between 40 and 50 and pretty much plateaus. Once you\’ve got enough to have adequate food and shelter, the rest is just what you make of it.

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    Thanks for mentioning the FMF competition! I agree it is a tough choice for voting – but since i wrote one of the posts I found it easier than most :)

    PS: Buy a nursing top. i keep meaning to go back and comment on that post. My son would never let me put a blanket over him. I even bought a special blanket that fastened around my neck to try and stop him and he still thwarted me. lol

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