Towel Racks On A Budget

When we were putting the finishing touches on the new bathroom in our basement, I knew that we needed somewhere to hang towels that were currently in use, as well as a place to store additional towels, since that is now our guest bathroom.  I didn’t know exactly what I wanted in that room, so I was open to possibilities when I was looking for supplies at Goodwill and the used building supply store.

I was at Goodwill when I found this little towel holder to go beside the sink, for three bucks (plus a dollar for the towel):


And then on another trip to Goodwill, I came across this double towel rod from Ikea, also for three dollars:


Those took care of the “in use” towel racks for the room, but I still wanted some way to store additional towels.  Then one day I was looking for other materials at the used building supply store, and I found this nifty little rack:


I actually have no idea what it was originally intended to be, and neither did the guys at the store.  I really liked it, and I liked the price (two dollars), so I looked at it for a while, wondering where I could use it.  Then it hit me – it would make a perfect towel rack!  It fits perfectly above the toilet, right next to the shower, and sort of gives the room a bit of a spa feel (or at least I think it does!).  All of the towels came from Goodwill, for two dollars each, on half price day.  They’re nice and big and fluffy, and I love them.

So all together, we spent $12 on towels for the new bathroom (five bath towels and two hand towels, all white, all practically brand new), and $8 on towel racks.  And even though they were all purchased separately, they go together really well.  Not bad for twenty bucks.

This towel setup fits right in with the rest of the bathroom.  The floor is made of mix-n-match tiles that I snagged at the used building supply store, and I also got the light fixture at the same store.  The sink and vanity were a Craigslist score, and the tub and tub surround were a floor model at Home Depot that was being sold for almost half off the original price.  The cabinet that holds TP and other bathroom supplies was a Goodwill find, as was the mirror.  And I love how it all came together!

I know that it can get very pricey to make even small décor changes, or especially to tackle a project as big as finishing a basement.  If you want to take on a home improvement project but are putting it off because of the cost, don’t forget to keep an eye out for repurposed and second-hand supplies.  You might be able to get just the look you want, for a fraction of the retail price.  And it’s a lot of fun to be creative and see what you can find!

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  1. kellygroves13 says

    Our new house has an unfinished basement. This is definitely something to keep in mind when it comes time to finish it!

    • frugalbabe says

      Leah, I have all of the basement receipts in a folder, but I’ve never gone through and added them all up to get an exact total. We hired out the drywall, which was about $3300. Including that, the total for the whole basement was under $10,000 – but I don’t have an exact number. One of these days I’ll get out the folder and add it all up.

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