Weekend Shopping

We decided to start taking our son to the pool this summer.  And that means swimsuits.  Our son has several cute ones, thanks to birthday gifts, and my husband is pretty comfy in his standard trunks.  I hadn’t bought a new suit in several years, but I have several that are in good shape, and I tried them on last week.  The bottoms fit just fine.  But the tops are, uh, a little tight.  And I think they will continue to be that way as long as my son is nursing.

So, a shopping trip was in order.  You all know I’m a huge thrift store fan, but for things like socks, underwear, and swimsuits, I prefer places like TJ Maxx, where the clothes are much less than mall prices, but new (it’s an off price retailer, and they have all sorts of name brand stuff at discounted prices).  We have a TJ Maxx just a few minutes from our house, and I went browsing through their swimsuit selection over the weekend.  I found a suit with it’s original retail tag still on it ($109 – yikes!), a perfect fit, and a TJ Maxx price tag of twenty bucks.  The tag said it was irregular, but I can’t find anything wrong with it at all.  Score.  Now I don’t have to worry about flashing the babies in the wading pool.

I also got a nifty sun shade for the jogging stroller, for five dollars.  Our son pretty much always rides in the Moby Wrap or Hip Hammock, but when I go for a run, I put him in the stroller.  I don’t really like putting sunscreen on him, so he tends to wear long sleeves and a hat when we go out.  The stroller is old (it was a hand me down, which we happily accepted) and just has an awning over the top.  The front was completely open, but my new sun shade clips onto the awning and works perfectly.  We were out for a couple hours yesterday afternoon while our house was being shown, and he was in shade the whole time.  Five dollars well spent, even if it was an impulse buy.

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